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History of the hotel

The oldest data about the ’Parijsche Halle’ go back to 1373, when its name is first mentioned in the interestbook of the St. Salvatorcathedral as ’Phala Parisiensi’, ’phala’ meaning: place where tradesman meet. The term ’Parisiensi’ most probably referred to the fact that the Parisians were located here once.

Because the XVth-century supporting pillars bore the symbols of the City of Paris, which were found in one of the halls, the historian Duclos concluded that the ’Parijsche Halle’ was the Nationhouse of the French.

In 1432 it became private property and is known to have been a hotel since 1479, until it was demolished in 1965. However it was rebuilt and was acquired by the NV Parisal in 1987, which has been its owner up to the present day.

The ’Parijsche Halle’ was built between 1373 and 1390 in crosshouse-style which was typical for the houses built in the Romance era.
In the XVth century two pointed stairfaçades where added on the streetside, in the tradition of the Brugian houses of that period.

In 1887 the building was expanded with the acquisition of a small house in the Ziverstraat and in 1904 attickrooms were added. After this the premisses remained the same untill its demolition in 1965.

Several archeological objects were retraced in 4 dungpits and a layer of a late-medieval rubbish-layer that were uncovered. Among these objects were glasswear, ceramics, beerpots, chinese porcelain, fragments of a Spanish amphora and even a completely undamaged jar of German manufacture.


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